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Into the woods....

When I take a walk into the woods, I see things differently. I see the world differently. I see it through my camera's lens.

And I've learned a remarkable amount about life that way.

You need to slow down and look around. Stop.  Just stop and look.  Look down..there is a whole world below.

Look up...its better than a kaleidoscope.

Take a breath.  Then another one.  It can make a difference.

It's ok to be different.

It's ok to be a bit funky.

A small leaf can make a big sound when it makes its entrance to the world can too.

There is no better smell than the woods. 

Sometimes you just need to change your focus....

Or turn around...

Change your perspective sometimes.

Listen to the world around you. 

I'm delicious.  At least the bugs think so.

You don't have to go far to find beauty.  

Sometimes you've got to get in the dirt to get the shot.

And even then, it doesn't always work out.

Sometimes sticks look a bit too much like snakes.  But it's ok if you scream a little...

Patience.  Some shots take while to get.

But sometimes you need to know when to walk away.

And animals don't stay still.  Even with patience.

Remember your strengths and skills.  Leave the animals alone...I'm not a wildlife photographer.  That's ok.

Everything looks better in the right light.

See, life and it's beautiful lessons are all around us, we just have to choose to see it, choose to learn from it. And that's how I see the world.

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